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[solved] How to get the value of a custom aspect ?

Question asked by jbcordina on Nov 6, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by jbcordina

This is my first question here but i worked on alfresco for about 6 month now.
I'm currently creating a complete wizard for a custom content type and i need to get an aspect value of the current folder but i don't  know how i can do.
For the moment, i can only get the aspect list :

NodeRef containerNodeRef;
String nodeId = this.navigator.getCurrentNodeId();
if(nodeId != null) {
    containerNodeRef = this.nodeService.getRootNode(Repository.getStoreRef());
} else {
    containerNodeRef = new NodeRef(Repository.getStoreRef(), nodeId);
Set aspects = nodeService.getAspects(containerNodeRef);
I can see all the aspects applied to the current space but how to get the value of one of the specific aspect property ?

Sorry for my english, been a long time without speaking or writing in that language, i hope you can understand me :)

Thanks in advance.