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Previewing Seam based Web projects

Question asked by achatterjee on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2008 by mtaal

My requirement is to maintain a JBOSS Seam based web project inside Alfresco WCM. However when I'm trying to preview the website using the user sandbox preview, I'm getting an error saying that the Seam servlet class cannot be loaded. However when I deploy the same site onto JBOSS manually, my website is functioning properly. I have all the required Seam libraries in the lib folder within WEB-INF. Can any one please point me what am I missing here. The following is the website structure:

|_ pages
|  |_index.xhtml
|   |_lib
|  |   |_seam jars
|  |_components.xml
|  |_faces-config.xml
|  |_jboss-web.xml
|  |_pages.xml
|  |_web.xml