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Alfresco performance help - 2.9B and Oracle 10g

Question asked by chtquoc on Nov 7, 2008
hi all,

i am developer, i am modifying Alfresco version 2.9 B. checked out form svn revison 1374.

my company used Alfresco to save document,share, workflow advance. i have more than 500 users in Alfresco system.

i have 2 server.
1. Alfresco .
    - cpu dual core
    - ram 1.5 GB
    - HDD scsi 120GB
    - installed jdk 1.5.16
    - tomcat 5.5
    - openoffice 2.4
2. Oracle 10g Database for Alfresco server
few day before, My system has died. i viewd log file in tomcat. i saw "thread error"
Someone help me config Tomcat to run better
And what have i config in Alfresco system ? to run best.

please help or give me idea. thanks a lot

or send me email :