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Category based search

Question asked by abirb on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2008 by abirb

I am using the following query to search docs attached to a specific category ("ABC") in a particular path  ,

 scat="@cm\:name:\"" + "ABC" + "\"+TYPE:\"cm:category\"+";
      spath="PATH:\"/app:company_home/cm:XYZ/cm:Notification" + "//*\"";
      scontent="@\\{http\\://\\}content.mimetype:text/plain + ";
      queryString=scat + spath+scontent;

Upon execution no results are returned , but when i remove the category criteria from the query string the results seem to be OK , am i using anything which is not currently supported with Alfresco 2.2 ??