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Someone uses Alfresco Labs?

Question asked by leopiresss on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2008 by norgan
A few months ago, Ryan - the salesman of Alfresco, send me the prices of Alfresco Enterprise.
I asked by Alfresco Labs to Ryan and I had no response.

My question was about to use Alfresco Labs (free version) in a particular project, If this version has a stability to put it in internet. The features of Alfresco labs are enough for the requisites of this project.
What concerns should I have?

I would like to be prepared to use the Alfresco Enterprise in a larger project at wich it can be viable using the enterprise version.
But at same time, if as possible, I want to use the version free for other minor projects.

Someone use tha Alfresco Labs to make projects?