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How to use Alfresco for this problem.

Question asked by krishherein on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2009 by maha
I am new to alfresco, i am learning how to use alfresco.
I have a case study that I have to develop using alfresco. I have read any guides but i am not getting exactly how to start with this.

The case study is like this.

I have to develop a web based application :

1.       A person visits a website opens a webpage containing (name, address, e-mail and one document ) and submits it.

2.       The data is saved (in a database or xml file), a task is created for approver to approve the data.

3.       After approval, the task is moved to another approver.

4.       After approval the file is moved to the approved folder.

I think I require a jsp page to take input from users.
I think I require alfresco SDK for this.

Kindly help me how to start it? How should i deploy the project into alfresco?
I am a complete fresher and I need more explanation.