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Date Sorting via Lucene in Web Script

Question asked by howejr77 on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on May 14, 2009 by howejr77
We have a Java backed web script which is running a lucene query and attempting to sort against a date property which is populated via metadata extraction in WCM.

We are encountering an issue where the web script works perfectly in our Authoring environment but when we deploy the content to the Runtime environment, the sorting no longer works and the wrong content is returned. From what we can tell the deployment has moved all the content and properties successfully and have even used a tool to inspect the Lucene indexes and can see the property populated in the indexes. We've gone through recreating the indexes and I've even reinitialized the runtime environment and redeployed the whole site.

Anyone have any suggestions? We are basically on the verge of returning a large amount of content and sorting ourselves which we would rather not do.