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WCM Deploy to remote Alfresco instance fails

Question asked by varsenault on Aug 2, 2007

On both remote and local Alfresco machines, we have :
- Mac OS 10.4
- Alfresco 2.1

We are trying to deploy WCM content from one Alfresco instance to another. After waiting for about 5 minutes in the deployment monitor in the web client. We get a "Deployment Failed" result. Here is what we get in alfresco.log :

20:18:43,667 WARN  [org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiProxyFactoryBean] Could not connect to RMI service [rmi://XXX.YYY.COM:50500/authentication] - retrying
20:19:58,675 ERROR [org.alfresco.repo.avm.actions.AVMDeploySnapshotAction] org.alfresco.service.cmr.avm.AVMException: Could not Initialize Remote Connection to XXX.YYY.COM

But we can telnet to the remote machine and port from the local machine on which the Alfresco deployer instance is installed :

XXXXX:~/alfresco-community-tomcat-2.1.0 xxxx$ telnet XXX.YYY.COM 50500
Connected to XXX.YYY.COM.

And when we shutdown the remote Alfresco instance, we cannot connect with telnet anymore, which means that the remote Alfresco is able to bind on the 50500 port.

Does anyone have any idea why deployment fails in this case?