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Question asked by tqu on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2007 by kvc
Hello everyone,

we are supposed to create some intranet functionality with the Alfresco WCM for a client of ours. Regarding this project I’ve got some questions:

1. Is there any other way to access repository files in a web project other than copying those files to the web project? As far as I know it is at least possible (in release 2.1.0) to create a rule to automate this process. The disadvantages of this are that I have to keep the files in a specific folder (if I don’t want to create the rule for a dozen different folder)
and the destination for the files is always the same. All things considered I’m quite inflexible. I’m just wondering if a better integration of repository files into the WCM is planned in the near future?

2. A web project is, as far as I know, still not searchable. tells me that this functionality was implemented in version 2.1 but like Joseph I can’t get it to work. In other words Alfresco won’t find any files in a web project. Am I just missing something?

3. Recursive elements in XML schema don’t work I think this is quite a pressing issue. If I, for example, want to create a dynamic navigation, I would have to predefine the depth of the navigation. Currently it is not possible to create a navigation structure with an arbitrary depth. And there are other use cases to think of. Now the question is: is it planned to provide this functionality in near future?
4. When I create content via a web form an xml and an html file is generated. When I import those files into another Alfresco and try to edit them it won’t open the forms editor. Does this mean that I have create all the content on the final WCM in order to manage it via web forms?

5. Although the WYSIWYG editor in release 2.1.0 is more sophisticated it still provides relatively little functionality for end users (compared to WYSIWYG editors in other WCMS). Is it planned to extend the functionality of the WYSIWYG editor in near future?
Pure HTML files in the web project won’t open with the WYSIWG editor. Is such functionality planned?

I would appreciate any tips for workarounds or any statements regarding the roadmap for Alfresco’s WCM.