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Howto Export - Import Space w/ Revision Info

Question asked by kniffte on Nov 8, 2008

I'm running two Alfresco-3b Versions, install1 = Rev. 3194, install2 = Rev. 3213.

Now, I want to transfer some of the spaces being used in install1 to install2 inclusive all the versioning information stored w/ a document. Therefore I used the two different Export / Import - functions available (1 is using details of a space -> Export / Import, the other one tried was using the administrative console -> Export / Import).

Both ways worked (aka. all files got transfered), but no versioning information was saved (all documents have today's timestamp and only the latest version is available).

So: how do I export and the import a space from alfresco including ALL versioning information and all versions of a document?

Thanks for your help.