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Perfomance and other issues after upgrade to labs 3

Question asked by toltech on Nov 10, 2008
We upgraded an alfresco community edition 2.2. (70GB data) to alfresco labs 3. Everything went according to the book:
1) Make a new installation, test this
2) Make an off-line backup
3) Start new installation with 2.2 database and alf_data store

We notice following:
During upgrade, the database migration stops
Restarting alfresco finishes the upgrade
After this we can access alfresco again.

Alfresco is very slow:
1) Webinterface takes a couple of sec's to open a space (regardless of how many items in this space)
2) Performing a find on a CIFS mount takes hours
3) Filezilla is able to do some things (e.g. traversing the directory structure), but after a while displays the message "Cannot retrieve direcotry listing" and becomes unusable.
4) We did a full index synchronisation in the hope this would solve issues, it did not.

CPU was spiking on mysql and java and because the 2.2 installation had an external database, we switched the new labs 3 installation to this server after importing the labs 3 migrated database and retried. Alfresco would not even start. We consider this very strange and it might give some people an insight.

We switched the old installation back on, it is working fine again.

What is the status of upgrades? How about the performance issues? Has anyone experienced this?
Do installations exist of 100GB+ which have performed this migration?

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