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new button action problem with page rendering

Question asked by friedman30 on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2007 by friedman30

i've used web-client-config-actions.xml file to create 2 buttons that affect an Index property of contents. (the idea is to sort the table by this Index and leave the users the ability to move the content up and down by changing this Index).

so. now i have a full control of the Index property, and the buttons work fine,
but i can't get the table to render with the new parameters after the Index is changed….

i am calling the sort method of the table (UIRichList) right after changing the index properties at the action method of the button, but still - i don't see the sorted table till the next time i enter the page… :?

what should i do to make the table render with the new sorted dataModel after the action of the button is invoked? ? ?   
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