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How can I change the display of user's 'Name'?

Question asked by stk137 on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2009 by mcai7gh2
When inviting users, the UI displays "Name"s in a list - and only that field.  This appears to be FirstName + LastName and not an separately editable field.  Unfortunately "Name" is not unique, so I can get several users listed with the same FirstName + LastName and not know who's who. 

When I get back to the Manage Space Users screen, it at least shows the Username field, too, which I assume is unique.  (For me it's the same as the email address and gives me what I'd like to have seen in the other screen)

How can I change what's displayed wherever only the pseudo-field "Name" is displayed?
I would like it to add the Username in parenthesis after the FirstName+LastName.

Similary, is it possible to make "Name" a concrete property which is unique and editable along side FirstName, LastName in user management?  Then I could add whatever - middle initial, title, dept, org, etc.