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Do i need transactions commit?

Question asked by sisao on Nov 10, 2008
Hi folks,

i'm having some sync problems using some JCR functionality.
I've recently upgraded to the latest alfresco 3 release but i had the same issue with the previous version.
For some reason i have to stop and restart the server in order to see changes applied to my content in the web client.
For example i can import content and check it in, i can immediatily see the node in the web client correctly in READ_ONLY_LOCK status (lock icon applied also  :D ), but if i check it out i'll have to restart the service in order to have it writable, even in the node browser the change is not applied.
Same problem occurs with altering content and metada, but in some case i can see the content changed with the node browser but i need to restart the service to have the web client properly sync.
I'm only using session save and close methods, i'm not encapsulating the code into a transaction in order to commit it to the DB(mysql), and i dont think this is the real problem.
BTW i'm not sure about it…any ideas?