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Virtualization server automatic CIFS file system mount point

Question asked by sacco on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2007 by jcox
What does 'automatic' mean in this context?

In the config file it says:
# Virtualization server automatic CIFS file system mount point
#     The virtualization server can expose the remote
#     Alfresco AVM repository as a CIFS file system.
#     The properties below specify where (and whether)
#     this automatic mount takes place on Windows
#     and on UNIX-based systems (e.g.: Linux, Mac).

To me, having a setting
implies that Alfresco should (according to this setting) automatically take care of
mounting the AVM filesystem after it has started, but this does not yet seem
to be the case.

I can mount the AVM file-system manually, and I could include this mount in the Alfresco start-up scripts
(though I guess it would probably need to wait or retry in some way),
and I can see that by setting
I might make the AVM filesystem available to applets (rather than going through JNDI),
but it is the significance of the 'automount' setting that I don't understand here.