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Where are files stored, on the file system?

Question asked by on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2007 by davidc
So, I'm installing/about to install Alfresco onto a Linux box (Ubuntu).  I have a huge RAID array to be used for Alfresco, but the liveCD I have here doesn't support RAID5 on the onboard RAID controller.  So I'll use software RAID.  No, it's nowhere near as good, but it'll get what we need.

So I can create the software raid partition without any issues.  But I am not sure where I should mount it.  All the database stuff is stored in the database, which exists under /var/ I assume.  But will the files that people store on the server go here as well?  Do they go into the database, or just into some other directory?

Basically, where should I mount my huge partition?  At the moment I'm leaning towards /opt, and then installing Alfresco under /opt as well.