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File name restriction! contentModel.xml is not effective?

Question asked by sugai on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2007 by sugai
I have installed Alfresco-community-tomcat-1.4.(HSQL) on the Windows XP Home Edition sp2.
I would like to upload the CAD data file to Alfresco. I could not upload the file.
File name is below.


I had tried the modification of the setting of contentModel.xml file, setteings are below.

setteings of contentModel.xml
      <constraint name="cm:filename" type="REGEX">
         <parameter name="expression"><value><![CDATA[(.*[\"\*\\\>\<\?\/\:\|\xA3\xAC\%\&\;]+.*)|(.*[\.]?.*[\.]+$)|
(.*[ ]+$)]]></value></parameter>
         <parameter name="requiresMatch"><value>false</value></parameter>

But the popup message appears, [ '+' is invalid character ].  I could not upload the file.
This file could upload to Windows and Linux.

I must do other settings ? 
Please advice.