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Need help with CheckIn and CheckOut

Question asked by amarendrakt on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by derek
Hi All,

    I have a problem related to CheckIn and CheckOut of PDF files.What I do not understand is while checking out pdf form (I have fillable PDF forms), it ask to check out in current space or local disk and even if I chose to check out in current space still it wont allow to edit it there and ask to save it to local disk.
  Then whats the use of checking out it in current space because at the time of checking in this PDF file it then again ask to upload from local disk or current space and if upload it from current space then it will not have all the new changes that I made.
So can any one explain how this work?

   I'm asking all this because actually I have some forms and it will have button which when click it will hit anothe application and will perform signing of those forms and then using web-service api of alfresco it will upload it to the proper space in Alfresco repository based on the information filled by user in that form.
   All the above said is working fine but now the problem is I want to apply two signature on the form at a different point of time and to do so I have to check out the already uploaded form and then then sign it with my application and upload it to back to alfresco and all this will happen using a separate application the only thing I want to do is to is while checking out save the file to local disk and then click 'Sign' button.

  NOw since the checked out copy will have the name '****(Working Copy.pdf)' if I tried to save the file from my application using the same name then it is giving error saying 'File with this name already exist'.

Then what is way to do so?
can some one help me with this and also with the PDF check-in and check-out process that Alfresco follows?

This is very urgent…

Thanks in Advance…