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How to handle spaces in space names?

Question asked by kumbach on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2007 by rwetherall
I'm writing an web service application that uses the RepositoryService to create a folder hierarchy.

So far things are going well except when trying to create folders within existing folders that have a space in the name. E.g. "Student Data".

Calls to RepositoryService().get() are throwing a RepositoryFault with this message:

Error executing xpath: xpath: /app:company_home/cm:Student Data

Things I've tried unsuccessfully include:

1. using this name: "Student_X_0020_Data" as seen in another forum post
2. calling ISO9075("Student Data") to encode the name, also as seen in another forum post

I recall seeing another post about spaces not being allowed in spacenames when using the web services, but I can't find that post again - arg!! 

In fact, if you try changing the WebServiceSamples app to work with the store named "Sample Folder", I believe it fails too.