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Migrating XML content

Question asked by gidion on Aug 4, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by dooley

In the website i am creating (using alfrescos  wcm) i have created a number of xsd web forms that capture various content types:
advice page

When viewing the content produced from completing one of these forms (which are saved as xml content) I get xml code.

My problem is.
When i convert all of my data from my current legacy system (non alfresco), into this xml format and load it, my content controllers are then unable to edit these content items via the form.
Instead they are asked to download the xml file to edit it.

NOTE: All content items that have been manually created in the system via the form are editable via the form interface.

Is there any way of overcomming this?

I have looked at acpGeneratr but if i need to use this and load my meta data as a csv and my content (body text) as the actual xml file then what format would the xml file take?
Would it still look like those manually created (ie. contatining a full xml description of content and meta-data)?
Or would i use the acpGeneratr method and load the content (body text) as plain text and the meta-data via the csv file.

Still, would this enable the content to be editable via my forms?