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r:property tag doesn't preserve the specified comp. gen.

Question asked by zomurn on Nov 12, 2008

I'am rewriting the edit-content-properties.jsp page. I split the r:propertySheetGrid with children inside this tag : r:property tags.
The problem is , even though I specified that the property 'msc:commentaire' has a TextAreaGenerator, the rendering of this property with r:property tag is still a TextFieldGenerator…where as with r:propertySheetGrid it is TextAreaGenerator.
Is it a normal "bug" ? Is it possible to correct this quickly  (not to have to re code the MVC cycle) ?

My web-client-config-custom :

<show-property name="msc:commentaire"
            show-in-view-mode="true" show-in-edit-mode="true"
            component-generator="TextAreaGenerator" />