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[SOLVED]Name of space printed a second time

Question asked by monitloth on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by monitloth

I created a space with the following codes:
//Creating the template space
      NodeRef sourceNode = new NodeRef(Repository.getStoreRef(),
      NodeRef parentSpace = new NodeRef(Repository.getStoreRef(),
      // copy from the template
      NodeRef copiedNode = this.getFileFolderService().copy(sourceNode,
            parentSpace, this.projName).getNodeRef();
      // also need to set the new title, description and icon properties
      this.getNodeService().setProperty(copiedNode, ContentModel.PROP_TITLE,
            ContentModel.PROP_DESCRIPTION, this.description);
            .setProperty(copiedNode, ApplicationModel.PROP_ICON,
                  this.icon = DEFAULT_SPACE_ICON_NAME);
Everyithing looks fine, but when navigating, I see a second text with the name of the project, also hyperlinked to the space.