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Alfresco-Google Like-Search

Question asked by lshaki on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2008 by tonytony
I'm currently evaluation Alfresco DM for my company.
I was expecting that the Simple Search in Alfresco will be as good as in Google
So I went to "" and search for "LDAP Integration" ( Because I also have issue with AD Configuration but this is a topic for another forum…)
I got a list of more then 70 links.
-It does not tell if they are sorted by relevancy or date.
-Most of the documents contains only "Integration" and no "LDAP" (If you search for LDAP you wil get only one link !!!!)
-The results set does not show the paragraph where the text was found so you have to click on each one of the documents and perform an internal search again within it in order to find the text.

It is not useful at all
Am I missing something here or that is the way it works?