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Alfresco vs. Drupal

Question asked by beren on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2009 by beren
Hi All,

I suppose this is a topic sure to generate many comments, but it would be helpful to get some advice. We've been using Drupal to manage information, collaboration, and documentation on projects we are working on. Drupal is a great product and we like to work on-line using the books, blogs, and wikis. However we also need good document management functions. Alfresco has these, but I do not see tools integrated into Alfresco to allow for on-line publishing without implementing separate tools (ex. MediaWiki that Alfresco uses themselves).

Can Alfresco have integrated on-line authoring in a rich text editor? In a structured format similar to a wiki or blog?

I also noticed that the Alfresco rich-text editor cannot handle image uploads. Is there an alternate editor interface where images can be either attached in-line or uploaded during the editing process?

Your advice would be greatly valued.

beren erchamion