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Accessing custom properties with ftl

Question asked by jbcordina on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by sbuckle
I juste finished to create a new custome content wizard based on a custom content type.
Now i must access to the custom properties with a freemarker file like ${}

My custom content type is defined with in the :

public abstract class BaseRequestWizard extends BaseWizardBean
   protected String fileName;
   protected String author;
   protected String title;
   protected String description;
   protected String mimeType;
   protected String encoding;
   protected String objectType;
   protected boolean inlineEdit;
   protected boolean otherPropertiesChoiceVisible = true;
   protected boolean showOtherProperties = true;
   //Custom properties :
   protected String thematic;
   protected String module;
   protected String processing;
   protected String community;

First question : am i wrong with this technique ?
And How can i access to my custom properties ?

Thanks in advance.