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Assigning different permissions to sub-folders

Question asked by lpiguet on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by steven.okennedy
I am facing a seemingly common permissions problem that I don't seem to be able to solve with Alfresco's model.

Here is the setup:

Project X
– [potentially many folder levels]
— Folder A
— Folder B
— Folder C    ("consumer" access for all members of group G)
   — SubFolder C1 ("coordinator" access for members of subgroup G1)
   — SubFolder C2 ("coordinator" access for members of subgroup G2)
   — SubFolder C3 ("coordinator" access for members of subgroup G3)

We also have:
Group G
   - Subgroup G1
   - Subgroup G2
   - Subgroup G3

The people in group G (or rather in the subgroups) are all working on stuff in Folder C. Subfolders C1,C2,C3 contain material restricted to each subgroup. Each subgroup may have access to several subfolders, so I need to give them all the same link pointing to Folder C.

When they access Folder C, I only want them to see the subfolders they have access to.

How do I implement this?

If I uncheck "inherit parent permissions" at the subfolder level, I lose lots of other permissions set way above in the tree (people that have access to everything, people that have access to this branch, etc…). I therefore have to re-grant all of these permissions down at this level. It's potentially very confusing and time-consuming.

If I leave "inherit parent permissions" at the subfolder level, I don't have any way of restricting access for the unwanted subgroups, since they inherit this access from the level above (Folder C).

A solution would be to selectively not inherit permissions, rather than globally. So I could specify that I don't want to inherit the Group C permissions, and voilà, everything else remains, including the permissions coming from way above.

Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?