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CIFS server on Windows 2000: DNS CNAME getting in the way

Question asked by martin.cowie on Aug 7, 2007
I'm running AlFresco v2.1 in a Tomcat on a Windows2000 server, unsurprisingly the CIFS integration is very appealing.

While the servers host name is of the very long and immemorable sort favoured by datacentre staff & accountants, we have a DNS CNAME (or 'alias') 'docs' that points at our AlFresco server. This way http://docs/alfresco  will do the trick.

Configuring the CIFS integration in file-servers-custom.xml by changing the 'name' attribute of the <host> element to "docs" doesn't work however. Though "nbtstat -n" does reveal a new pair of 'docs' names in the table, when users try to map \\docs\AlFresco they get through to the Microsoft SMB server.

Swapping 'docs' for 'foo' in the configuration however changes everything and users are freely able to map "\\foo\AlFresco". It would appear that the DNS CNAME is getting in the way.

Can anyone recommend a means of stopping this?

Furthermore, can anyone point to documentation on how the CIFS integration works on Windows? The magical <Win32NetBIOS> tag switches on a dollop of native code used via JNI, but can anyone say what that native code does compared to the Java CIFS implementation?