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Multi-Value property not being set correctly on read

Question asked by rvoliva on Nov 14, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2008 by rvoliva
I'm either missing something or found a bug in 3.0b relating to multi-value properties.

I set a property as multi-value by creating the NamedValue object, setting the "isMultiValue" field to true, and provide an array of Strings.  I save that document.  I check the repository through the UI using the node browser, and I can see the property for this document.  In the UI, in the "value" column, above the three values I have set for this property, in red it says "–collection–".

I'm assuming up to this point everything is kosher.

So now I read in this document through my web service code.  I then iterate over the Node's properties (node.getProperties()) - and when I come across my multi-value property, it's "isMultiValue" field is set to false.  Also, the "values" field is null and instead the "value" field is set to a String of my three values, separated by comma.  The String looks like this:

[some_value, some_other_value, yet_another_value]

I can provide some code samples if that would be helpful.  Hopefully this is something someone out there has encountered before….