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Safari 3, Firefox 3 (Mac) and TinyMCE

Question asked by steventux on Nov 14, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2008 by steventux
The tinyMCE editor (version used in Alfresco 3 has a few compatibility problems with Safari 3. TinyMCE advise an upgrade to major version 3 but Alfresco contains several calls to TMCE functions from xforms.js which would need changing.
The problem I'm seeing is that the editor widget doesn't post the text entered. I've tried a custom, full and small appearance for the editor. None work consistently.
Firefox 3 on a Mac has other issues. Namely that the + and - buttons used to repeat a form field or field group don't appear to work. However the repeated items are invisibly inserted as validation errors will appear for these additional fields.
I can't find any forums posts related to this here - anyone had similar issues? Can anyone advise the easiest way to upgrade TinyMCE?