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inventory mgmt - is alfresco for me?

Question asked by glenndm on Nov 14, 2008
Hello all,
Yes indeed, another newbie asking for guidance  :D
I've been browsing several productsites for some time now, trying to decide which one to pursue.
But the wealth of information is frankly.. eh… overwhelming and my tree is making its getaway in the forest.
Alfresco, Drupal, joomla, mambo … I'm lost

I'm looking for a inventory tool to describe the different technical installations we maintain (my company)
A description of such an installation is very much like a product specification sheet, general data and some pictures.
installation specific information could be stored in linked documents/files

Each installation would have a same spec sheet with varying level of further attachments.

from what ( I thought) I've understood from Alfresco, the spec. sheet would be the metadata with a form < this I just read about, be not seen.
the attachments are the links

Can this form be extensive enough and cope with pictures?

am I in the correct ballpark?