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List of files (including folders)

Question asked by libman on Nov 14, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2008 by libman

I would like to get the list of files of the space I'm in and change the first character of the file to capital, if not in capital.

For this, I am using a webscript, executed in inbound.

I know that I must use the ScriptNode copy(ScriptNode source, ScriptNode destination, String name) function to replace the name. This is not a problem. But to get the files and folders, I must use Lucene. But there, I see how to get a list of spaces, but for whole the repository. (TYPE:"{}folder")

Now, I would like to only get the files and folders from the directory I am on. I did not find a function for this. Space is described as following: "will be the space that the rule resides in, this may not be the space you are expecting if the rule is inherited. ", so not good.