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Web script authentication

Question asked by ben256 on Aug 8, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2009 by faisal

I would like to access a webscript from Alfresco, and in this websript, I need to get the login (Alfresco login) of the user (which means get through a template file). I've seen the 'person' node can be used in a webscript only when there is an authentication.

So here come my questions:

As the user connect after loging in Alfresco, can I make an automatic authentication to the webscript so that I will ba able to get his name, and the user does't need to enter his login and password again?

And second question: as I was testing this small application with different users, the authentication was required only for the first user: if I logout from Alfresco and login with a different user, the authentication for the webscript is not required and the userName I get is the one of the 1st user. I have to close my internet browser to get the authentication again. There is probably a simple solution to have the authentication each time, any idea?