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Restricting parts of a web form

Question asked by gidion on Aug 8, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2007 by kvc

Sorry for spawning multiple threads but i wanted to keep all questions seperate for the benefit of future users.

I have several web forms:
case study1
case study2

Each of these is pretty much just text within a body element.
The above forms will all relate to a single company and as such i want to have a seperate form (company details) which has no body text and contains simply meta-data. (i.e. To avoid repeating the same meta-data for each form above).

Is there a simple way to attach/associate this meta-data to each of the above mentioned web forms?

The details (meta-data) form needs to have 2 main sections. Both editable by our content controllers with only 1 of these sections editable by external clients (i.e. The company in question).
Is there a way of locking down specific properties within a web form whilst leaving the others editable?

If not i guess i will need to split the "details" form into 2 seperate forms and associate them both to case study1,  case study2 etc. (if this association is possible).
That way i can allow access to one form and lock the other (I am hoping).

Any feedback would be much appreciated.