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Saved advanced search with custom list property

Question asked by nico73 on Aug 8, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by steuni

I have a problem with my saved advanced search.

I made an advanced search on a custom type which have a list property (it's a 'status' property with a constraint listing his different values : 'draft', 'active', 'refused', 'old').

I select the value 'refused' for example, execute the search and save it. If I look at the advanced search object, I see that Alfresco had correctly saved the search (the lucene request is ok). But if I reload the advanced search page and select my saved search , the value 'refused' isn't any more selected (before loading my saved search, I have selected the 'draft' value in order to really see the change)…

Someone can reproduce this ? (I'm using Alfresco 2.1)