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Remote Alfresco API rivet

Question asked by rivetlogic on Nov 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by douglascrp

RAAr is an abstraction layer for remote communication with Alfresco ECM. RAAr provides a simple, Java-based local library that may be used by one or more content rich applications and allows these applications to interface to Alfresco (including multiple Alfresco repositories from the same application). RAAr's lower layers handle communication to remote Alfresco instances over ReSTful calls to Alfresco that get mapped to calls to the Alfresco Foundation Services (AFS) API.

Motivation for RAAr

Certain classes of content rich applications require one or more of the following:

    * Remote full coverage of the AFS API (e.g., version management and version history traversal, dictionary services for model introspection, multi-store access, etc.)
    * Streaming content directly from the application and not from Alfresco (i.e., not using download servlet)
    * SSO support
    * Middle-tier business logic within the application where not all processing is done on Alfresco app server
    * Support for un-marshalling of result sets
RAAr lives here:

Feel free to ask questions about RAAr in this thread.