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Extension packaging / project layout

Question asked by t.broyer on Nov 18, 2008
Hi all,

Let's open the festivities with an easy but not less important question: how are you packaging your extensions? is there an "Alfresco way" of doing things?

It seems to me there are two approaches:
  1. deploy everything right into the webapp ("patching" the WAR or unzipping at the root of the deployed/exploded webapp), similar to how AMPs are deployed on the "Explorer" side

  2. deploy the most you can on the web-extension (shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension on Tomcat 5) and the remaining (client-side assets: JS, images, CSS) right into the webapp, as above.
What do you, Share developers, prefer?

(actually, option (b) above means packaging your source/java and config together on one side, and your source/web on the other side; if you follow the same layout as Alfresco for your files)