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Alfresco CMS

Question asked by lbeavers on Aug 10, 2007

We are using Liferay for our website and Alfresco 2.1 which is used for our content repository for images, and other media.

We have over 500,000 users and each one has it's own space in alfresco with  images, and other media.

Is there a way to configure Alfresco from the tools that come out of the box, to monitor when users updates images?

Does Alfresco has something that can approve or dissaprove user images?

For example, a user uplaod a pictures, then alfresco would detect that and the content management people can either approve or dissaporve the image. If it's approve the image will be available if not, the image will be deleted.

Also, is there a way to se user spaces by date? Menaning, if we want to see user spaces which have been updated?