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WYSIWYG editor tampers links

Question asked by rajakari on Nov 19, 2008
We are extending our Web Framework (for financial institutions) with support for JCR.
We have made some JSP tags that fetches HTML content from the repository that has been added thru the Alfresco Web Client.

Now, when editing HTML content in the WYSIWYG editor, we would like to enter links (<a href>s) in a 'dynamic' format, e.g.:


which should give us out something like this in the final HTML:

"A link to front page is <a href="${pagelink:FrontPage}">here</a>, try it out!"

Then, at the runtime our JSP wrapper tag would seek for this magic string ${pagelink:xxx} in the returned content and replace it with a real link that points into our web app.

But TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor does not support sufficiently this desire, it converts the given link straight away to this:


The only way I have managed to retain the given link as entered is to put it in this slash-format:

Is there a way to modify the TinyMCE editor by some configuration to support our desire?
Or should we just use the slash-format above (although Velocity -like format is preferred)?