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Best practices to include Alfresco JCR implementation in Web

Question asked by rajakari on Nov 19, 2008
Alfresco JCR implementation seems to be very heavy, it requires at least about 80 different jars (50 MB) to be included into a Web App. Strictly speaking, AlfrescoEmbedded SDK lists over 160 jars as dependencies, but we left half away!

Is it the preferred way to include all those jars (Alfresco's and commons, spring, lucene etc. jars) into WARs WEB-INF/lib?

Are all those jars needed or is there possibly a lighter implementation available?

If Alfresco version (and its dependencies) changes sometime, updating new jars to Maven builds won't be an easy task.

We only need query content using XPath from the repository from our Web App.