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edit document in primary content store then replicate

Question asked by miorvi on Nov 19, 2008
Hi everyone,

I need some help with this issue I was inquired. In an environment with Alfresco implemented, I want to have a centralized content store (primary), with several local content stores depending on their geographical situation.

When I have one document in the primary content store, and someone ask for it from its local, it would replicate so that the next one who ask for it just have it in its local content store. But, if they edit the document, ¿how is the sync done? I mean, how the primary content store "know" that the document has been edited, and therefore, if other local user from another country wants the document, would the user get the old one, or the new one? Would the new be replicated in the two secondary content stores, and in the primary one?

Thansk a lot,