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[Group Management] Manage group intersection or dynamic grou

Question asked by sebr on Nov 19, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2008 by sebr
i everyone,

I'm working on a project aimed to determine if Alfresco meet our needs and requirements in terms of functionnalities, ergonomy… If yes, a project of deployement will be launched ;)

Actually I have got one major problem :
=> Management of "Group intersection". For example, it means that only users from group A AND B (not users from only group A) have an access to specific ressources (files, …)! I quickly browse this forum and apparently we can't do it using the user interface provided by Alfresco. A solution would be to implement dynamic group (ie : a group is dynamically composed of users from group A AND group B) or a web script able to add special permissions to files (=ressource available for users part of the intersection of group A AND group B)!

Have you got some pieces information about this functionnality. Is there any web script already coded that implement this functionnaly or something similar? Have you got some documentation on the subject?

Thx in advance