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Simple question concerning content rules

Question asked by hbf on Aug 12, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2007 by hbf

I've just read an Alfresco Book where it is described how documents can be converted to other formats (e.g., doc to PDF) using Content Rules. I have two questions to this: Suppose I need to provide all documents as PDFs and ODFs, in addition to the source format.

    1. Is "the Alfresco way" for doing this to have two folders "PDFs" and "ODFs" in each (sub)space and add a Content Rule to generate a copy in PDF- and ODF-format in the folders "PDFs" and "ODFs", respectively? (It seems to me that having only two folders "PDFs" and "ODFs" somewhere at the root level is not enough as name collision might occur: "a.doc" occurs in a space and also in a subspace, for instance.)

    2. Does such a Content Rule take into account that content can be renamed? I.e., if "a.doc" is renamed to "b.doc", will "PDFs/a.pdf" automatically be renamed to "PDFs/b.pdf"? Are deletions handled, too? I suppose I have to add additional Content Rules for these tasks, right?
Thanks a lot for a short answer. I am especially interested in 1. as I am new to Alfresco and yet unsure how "things should be done".