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Question asked by gstry on Nov 19, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2008 by tejaskanani292004
Receiving frequent errors in the Word/Excel (haven't tried others) addins stating an error occured in the script on line 14, char 61, expected ';'. Usually occurs when shifting tabs on the Alfresco widget or when opening/saving a document.

Server: Ubuntu 8.05, Alfresco Enterprise 3.0 (testing it out)
Client: Windows XP, Office 2003. The Office Add-in was downloaded yesterday.

The error prompts "do you want to continue running scripts" to which a "yes" results in the expected function being performed, just the annoying error message.

URL presented in the error message:'s%20Home/RFPs/Book1.xls&e=xls&ticket=TICKET_ca1846483b7f826f0ec740774a6d48f7b970d6bd

Any solutions?