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PDFMaker generates temp file

Question asked by simon on Aug 13, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2007 by simon

Strange problem over here with the Adobe PDF conversion (not the OpenOffice one). This is what happens:
    - Open a PowerPoint presentation and save it somewhere
    - Export this PPT from within PowerPoint to PDF with PDFMaker (Adobe conversion tool) and save the exported file in Alfresco
    - Open the space and you'll see the result PDF + a file with the name aaa04565 (number varies)
You can open this temp file, it's a PDF file as well. Any idea why this file isn't removed?! This is annoying as most of our end users use this PDFMaker program. Any idea why this file isn't deleted, I suppose it should? If I do exactly the same in Windows it doesn't show up.

Tested this with both Alfresco 1.4 Enterprise and 2.1 Community.