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Slow performance of Freemarker Templates

Question asked by alr on Nov 20, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2008 by alr

I've run into a serious performance problem with my freemarker templates, when rendering a document. This is my szenario:

1. One document, which has an association to seven other documents
2. These seven documents each have associations to 1-3 other documents.

Each association gets looked up and I do an <#include> for each associated NodeID.

This all works, but it is painfully slow. I have summed up below 20 includes, which are nested into 3 levels. Sometimes rendering takes 3 seconds, sometimes even 5. If I deliver the same content I collect with the associations statically, it's a fraction of a second and the content gets delivered. So it must be in some context with the associations or the alfresco content model.

Furthermore I am using my own content model. Can I speed up something by setting indices or stuff like that? I have right now no real idea where to start to search performance hogs. So any hint is a good hint :-)