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Alfresco CIFS: still use NTLM, not Jaas

Question asked by sessa on Aug 13, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2007 by sessa
Hi !

I still have problems with CIFS authentication.

I have a kerberos-Server and configured CIFS to use JAAS Authentication.

When i start alfresco, i can read "CIFS Server started" in the log.

If I try to go to the directory with \\name_a i get

14:30:03,907 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup SPNEGO, MID=8, UID=0, PID=65279
14:30:04,056 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] User  logged on  (type Normal)
14:30:04,059 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup SPNEGO, MID=16, UID=0, PID=65279
14:30:04,068 WARN  [smb.protocol.auth] Authentication component does not support MD4 password hashes
14:30:04,582 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup SPNEGO, MID=24, UID=0, PID=65279

I sniffed the network traffic and saw that Alfresco still uses NTLM.

Where do I have to configure that authentication should go via Jaas ?