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First Steps WS with CMIS from JAX-WS

Question asked by mcdroemmel on Nov 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2008 by mcdroemmel

i want to start with first tests connecting using the cmis-ws to alfresco.
for that i thought to use the getRepositories Service.

I'm working with sap netweaver server 7.1 (JEE5 compliant) and created a java bean for using the service.
sap is using jax-ws as a WS-Framework.
following is my bean with the method which should consume the web-service.

public class AlfRepBean implements AlfRepLocal {

   private RepositoryService rService;
   public String repServiceList ()
      String result = "";
      RepositoryServicePort rPort = rService.getRepositoryServicePort();  // –> Exception is thrown here
         String rList = "";
         for (CmisRepositoryEntryType rEntry : rPort.getRepositories())
            rList = rList + ">REntry:ID="+rEntry.getRepositoryID()+";Name="+rEntry.getRepositoryName()+";URI="+rEntry.getRepositoryURI()+":<";
         result = rList;
      catch (Exception ex)
         result = "!Exeption:" + ex.toString();
      return result;

accessing that bean-method from my application always result in the following exception: An error was discovered processing the <wsse:Security> header

Pyhsical connection works, because the exception is returned by the alfresco-server.

Is there a special "beginner" tutorial for consuming cmis-ws available or can someone tell me what is wrong here and to get my bean working.

thanx in advance and regards