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Cut Inherit permission in a fileshare folder

Question asked by rubi on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2007 by hani
I have a problem with inheritance form parent folder in alfresco 2.0. I have a fileshare folder where all users can contribute (Everyone is a Contributor) to add content, but the issue is to make it possible to just see the content that the spesific user have added. The user that contributes just sees what he/she has contributed.

I have removed Inherit Parent Space Permissions checkbox on the filestore folder, but when new files or folders are added these permission rights are still inherited.

One solution I have worked with is a javascript file in a rule on the filestore folder that breaks the inheritance. 
permissionService.setInheritParentPermissions(nodeRef, false);   
    // Allow EVERYONE has CONSUMER
   PermissionService.ALL_AUTHORITIES, PermissionService.CONSUMER, true);
   // Allow GUEST has CONSUMER
   PermissionService.GUEST_AUTHORITY, PermissionService.CONSUMER, true);
but I always get an error on the function setInheritParentPermissions, that it is not defined?

Anyone who has a simple solution to the script or an other script who will do the trick here? Is it even possible? Or is there some other way to solve this problem?