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[SOLVED] Error with advance workflow custom UI parameter

Question asked by gael.poffet on Nov 24, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2008 by algoworks
Currently I’m trying the Advanced Workflow example we can find in the Jeff Pott's Alfresco book (a great book :-) ) but I can’t finish the HelloWorldUI one. The goal of this exemple is to add a really simple advanced workflow with one node grabbing a text from the user and then showing it in logs .
Everything is going well, no error in build and deployement, no error in Alfresco startup and I can see the workflow in the UI. When I try to use it I should see a text field named "Name" where I should be able to add a name which will be written in the logs. Instead of that I have a read-only "Owner" field coming from nowhere.

Am I the only one to have this issue ? For info, I'm using the version 3.0 community of Alfresco.

Thanks for your help, I'm getting completely mad…