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converting tiff image to pdf

Question asked by stoutg on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2007 by nkeide
Is it possible to convert a Tiff, or any image, to PDF format with Alfresco?

I downloaded the Tomcat bundle of Alfresco 2.0.0 and started it.

I looked through the catalina.out multiple times trying to find any mention that OpenOffice or ImageMagick did not connect to Alfresco but could not find any.  I then tried to convert a Tiff to a PDF and got an error
    A system error happened during the operation: Transaction didn't commit: No transformation exists between mimetypes image/tiff and application/pdf
I was able to convert a Tiff and PNG into JPGs as well as a Word doc to PDF.  Can you only convert pictures to other picture formats?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.